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Our History

The Collin County Black Chamber of Commerce was founded by two African Americans, Mr. Keevin Dailey, and Mr. Jamal Murray. They saw the need in providing a forum for minority business to connect resources and opportunities in the Collin County area.

Collin County is one of the fastest growing counties in the State of Texas. This bustling part of North Texas has become an attractive home to numerous professional sports teams and an ever-growing list of corporate headquarters. More importantly, however, we are home to an estimated 1.2 million people who live and work from Allen, Frisco, Plano, McKinney and everywhere in between.

Since the county’s conception in the 1840’s, there has been no known Black Chamber of Commerce. CCBCC is proud to the FIRST Black Chamber in over 150 years!

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Our Programs

Our programs are designed and dedicated to being a gateway to partner with community organizations, civic, ISD, economic development, and business community, facilitating the progress of our unified R.A.C.E. Race standing for:

  • Resource: Collaboration to strengthen commerce & community
  • Advocacy: Regulations impacting local businesses and industries
  • Connection: Referral network to shape vibrant communities
  • Education: Tools to promote professional and personal development

Economic Development is an important mission and goal for our members. We are committed to provide existing and future economic opportunities within Collin County to grow their businesses. From procurement opportunities, local business expansion, and community outreach, we believe staying involved with the EDC’s, local municipalities, school districts, and Developers, will give our Members foresight and a local voice.

Business Blueprint

The CCBCC Business Blueprint is a signature program designed by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs because growing a small business is hard work, but not impossible! Entrepreneurs shouldn’t expect to simply start a business and become rich overnight. True Entrepreneurial success stems from major investments of time and energy.

The step by step program is designed to assist Entrepreneurs with the critical foundation to scale and catapult their business to the next level. There is an application process, zero financial costs to the participant, and each participant is required to attend a monthly, four-hour program that is facilitated by CCBCC Representatives and leading, top-notch business owners.

It is mandatory that each participant invest their time to attend the monthly sessions and complete the curriculum, surveys and assessments per program guidelines. In addition, the program delivers key information and tools to obtain certification as minority suppliers and provides the knowledge to work with government contractors.

CCBCC is dedicated to help Collin County Entrepreneurs grow, maintain and operate as very successful companies!

Business Connections

Our monthly networking event on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm. CCBCC members and the community have an opportunity to share their business and engage with one another. Business Connections also includes presentations from CCBCC members and the community as special guests. This monthly event gives our members to opportunity to make connections and asks for referrals.

Business Over Breakfast

Our monthly community connections event on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:30 am. We have a range of Guest Speakers, to include but not limited to, City and State leaders, Developers, and Economic Development Departments. The monthly event gives our members and opportunity to learn about opportunities for their business.

Business Expo

CCBCC launched its Business Expo in 2014 as the first entrepreneurial, educational, and networking event of its kind in Collin County that takes strategic action to immediately improve and grow small businesses in the entire Collin County metroplex.

Annually hundreds of passionate Entrepreneurs gather to attend business critical workshops led by industry experts. People also have the opportunity to enjoy shopping with local vendors which helps small businesses grow, network, and build important new consumer and B2B relationships.

Year-End Celebration

CCBCC host its annual, red carpet, black-tie event to award several youth scholarships, the Trailblazer Awards to local Collin County community leaders, nonprofit and business owners; the affair also serves as the formal installation ceremony for the Executive Committee Officers and Board of Directors; the evening also boasts the annual silent auction, musical entertainment, dancing, fine dining, door prizes & raffle drawings.

CCBCC will continually strive to enhance the patronage of minority businesses in Collin County! For information on the upcoming Annual Celebration, stay tuned to the website or send an email to: events@ccblackchamber.org

Business Match-Up Golf Challenge

The Collin County Black Chamber of Commerce Business Match-Up Golf Challenge is an opportunity to connect Chamber members to companies and other entities that could become clients. In addition, this event works to expand the reach of the Chamber, by inviting guests to spend the afternoon with our members and existing partners. Also, given that COVID has limited events and the ongoing economic challenges that all small business owners are facing, we want to create a venue to expedite the recovery of our business members by bringing potential clients to them. Beyond this year, the vision for this event is that it will become a mainstay calendar date for businesses that operate in Collin County.

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